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The Techie Ugly Christmas Sweater Project: Part 1


by Mark Schreiber -

Ugly sweaters seem to be pretty hip these days.  

Wal-Mart sells them, Target sells them.  There‘s even a shop in my town where you can “uglify” your very own Christmas sweater.  And yes, we have an ugly sweater contest at our school (that I plan on winning by the way). Last year I made a pretty nifty one and this year I made this project the final in my class. 

Yep, right now my advanced engineering class is pushing toward the completion of some pretty sophisticated ugly sweaters.  Some blink, some play music, some might even look like the Grizwolds house.  One has car horns on it and yet another, a Christmas trivia tree!

Read on for the steps on how to Technify your ugly sweater this year with a little Makey Makey magic!

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