FabLab and Its Learning Dynamic (Part 2)


by Nalin Tutiyaphu... -

Part 2: People and Relationship as Learning Assets in FabLab

(Thank you again to Ms. Angi Chau and Ms.Heather Pang for having me to visit and observe your wonderful work at
Bourn Idea Lab at Castilleja School.)

Seymour Papert "Mind Fusion" and the current education - Part 1


by Mario Parade -

Seymour Papert was and is still ahead of its time . This speaks for the book, unfortunately, many of his ideas are not yet arrived today in many schools. Although the technological development are becoming increasingly a more and more importance in everyday .

Math as a Form of Life


by Keith Ostfeld -

I and many of my fellow educators at the Children's Museum of Houston have long held a belief that children need to be provided with a free-choice learning environment that stimulates hands-on, minds-on, open-ended explorations into phenomena to help them construct their understanding of topics that interest them. We believe that what we and other children's museums and science centers provide is access to application of ideas and phenomenological explorations that often fly in the face of "common sense understanding."

Funds of Knowledge


by Aaron Vanderwerff -
Families Building Circuits

We still use the banking model of education as our dominant model - with teachers depositing knowledge in a students' mind. Papert asked us to think about who defines what constitutes a discipline, in other words, what is Physics and how is it taught. He posited that we continue to teach (even 30 years later) the same Physics courses that were developed around the technology of paper and pencil which are focused on solving word problems and carrying out labs with already identified answers.

Salty, Messy Fun: Mindstorms Reflection


by Mark Schreiber -

Seymour Papert was definitely ahead of his time when he wrote mindstorms in the 80s.  Unfortunately he still seems to be ahead of his time some 30 years later.  Instead of hands-on and minds-on education, the current trends in education have pushed us towards accountability, standards and a common framework for education.

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