Inclusion & Equity

STEAM, de Trojan Horse for Making ”Inclusivity”


by Christa Flores -

Toy companies riding the wave of interest to close the gender gap in STEM have seen some success in sales, but simply adding storylines, and product lines which “feature girls in settings including a shopping mall, a beach house, and a pet salon” feel bereft of the kind of substantive changed needed. Getting more women to participate in the creation, versus consumption of their lives, through STEM careers is a conversation that can be easily lost in arguments for economic success.

Dr. Nettrice Gaskins: Recontextualizing the Makerspace & Culturally Responsive Education


by Susan Klimczak -

At the Fab Learn Conference last weekend, I was struck that Paulo Blickstein set the tone by making a strong argument for maker education to focus on inclusion and equity even suggesting the importance of giving  "an unfair advantage to low income youth."

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