"Making" in California K-12 Education


by David Malpica -

A brief state of affairs

In schools, “maker” education has been typically known for many years as hands-on project based learning (PBL). While “maker” education continues to deepen its roots in small pockets of the nation’s private education, the introduction and implementation of “making” into California public education still has a long road to go. Efforts are underway to provide access to “making” opportunities to more and more students.


"Why I am not a Maker" by Debbie Chachra: Toward problematizing what it means to be a "Maker"


by Susan Klimczak -

I really liked this article "Why I am not a Maker" by Debbie Chachra from our own Olin College outside Boston, which is doing the most difficult and amazing work of transforming engineering education.

I added some comments to the article that I paraphrase here:

Seymour Papert "Mind Fusion" and the current education - Part 1


by Mario Parade -

Seymour Papert was and is still ahead of its time . This speaks for the book, unfortunately, many of his ideas are not yet arrived today in many schools. Although the technological development are becoming increasingly a more and more importance in everyday .

Funds of Knowledge


by Aaron Vanderwerff -
Families Building Circuits

We still use the banking model of education as our dominant model - with teachers depositing knowledge in a students' mind. Papert asked us to think about who defines what constitutes a discipline, in other words, what is Physics and how is it taught. He posited that we continue to teach (even 30 years later) the same Physics courses that were developed around the technology of paper and pencil which are focused on solving word problems and carrying out labs with already identified answers.

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