3d printing

Thoughts On Learning and Engagement and the Pluto New Horizons Mission


by Tracy Rudzitis -

I am sitting next to one of my 6th graders, J., as he flips though one of his favorite books. This book accompanies him to MakerSpace every day and if he is in the lab after school he typically has the book so he can refer to it. The book is a large picture book of the planets and their moons. He is showing me some of his favorite parts, and reading passages to me. As he is doing this, he is holding a model of one of the moons described in the book.



Of Feet, Fleas and 3D Printing


by Roy Ombatti -

I have been involved in many projects during my time at the Fablab in Nairobi and I personally enjoy those that leverage technology for change and development. I am most interested about the space for technology in development because I feel it is in this space that making is most needed. I believe very much in empowering people, primarily the poor, with the necessary knowledge and skills to make them problem solvers. Hailing from a developing country, this has never made more sense to me than it does now.

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