Intel MakeHers Report: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating, and Inventing


by Juliet Wanyiri -

 Intel Foundation

Intel and Intel Foundation released an insightful report on MakeHers and the role of making in engaging girls and women in technology. The report explores why girls make, their role in the maker movement, as well as statistics on the number of girls and  women engaged in making.(As well as why they are underrepresented in the field of science, technology and engineering). Research shows that girls respond better to hands on learning which is a great platform to get women involved in STEM.  This report highlights the potential that the  Maker Movement offers to inspire more girls and women to take up an interest in science and technology. Ultimately, this would lead to the uptake of more women in STEM careers.


Making can be an effective pathway to attract under-represented groups in computer science and engineering fields. The playful and creative nature of making provides an avenue for people to engage in scientific and engineering problems that have personal meaning for them.



The report also includesmaker profiles on women who make - MakeHers. This also includes a feature some of the work I'm doing at Foondi Workshops

Here's a video with highlights of the report's findings:





Keith Ostfeld's picture

Thanks for sharing this. Some great quantitative support for grant writing and a definite call to action! Going to share with several folks here...

Juliet Wanyiri's picture

Thanks Keith! That would be great :)