A little holiday historic making


by Heather Pang -

I have some trouble thinking about the 1970s as far back in history, but the White House History twitter feed gave us this gem last week: Betty Ford's holiday card from 1975 included a pattern for a home made holiday orniment, the Clothespin Cardinal.

So, as a historian and a fan of making, I sewed one last week on our "rain day" (feel free to laugh, but we did have a lot of flooding, and some dangerous travel conditions, so call it an overabundance of caution).

It was easy to make, and while it does not blink like the amazing holiday sweaters posted last week, it is a fun quick project for the holidays.




Christa Flores's picture

Heather! I love this. Can you share the link to the pattern if it exists? I think a History and Sewing Unit would ROCK! I had several 5th grade girls chose to study slave quits for the inspiration for a secret code design. I thought it was the coolest.  

Heather Pang's picture

The instructions are in the second image with the pattern, but they are a bit vague.  The Ford Library shared a bit more on their Tumbler here http://tmblr.co/ZKvbjx1Xk4N_L