Relevant Research: Evidence & Impact: Museum-Managed STEM Programs in Out-of- School Settings


by Sylvia Martinez -

Interesting paper - seems like a lot to dive into! I haven't had time yet, but I wanted to share with you all.

Evidence & Impact: Museum-Managed STEM Programs in Out-of- School Settings (PDF)

By Bernadette Chi, Rena Dorph & Leah Reisman, Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley

"The National Research Council’s Committee on Successful Out-of-School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Learning has been tasked with writing a consensus report on the value of and evidence for out-of-school STEM learning programs. As part of its charge, the committee has posed the following questions to be addressed in this paper:

What evidence is there for the impact of museum- (and other designed setting) managed programs on STEM learning and interest? What is known about the impact and value of such programs on school-age children’s understanding of STEM concepts and practices as well as their interest and engagement in STEM?

What is known about the characteristics of successful programs? Does the relevant literature provide enough evidence to point to design principles for such programs?

This paper responds to these questions focusing on the evidence of the impacts and features of STEM learning programs run by museums and other designed environments, such as science and technology centers, planetariums, zoos, aquaria, etc."