Reflections on Freire: Pedagogy of the Oppressed


by Mark Schreiber -

To be quite honest, I really had a hard time getting into the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.  Maybe it was my mood, maybe my brain was just full from all of my other projects but it was initially a tough read.  I felt a bit oppressed myself as I slogged through chapter 1... but then, I got to chapter 2 and Friere's earlier thoughts started to come into focus. 


I especially liked the "banking" model of education and it's relationship to oppression in the world of education.  Something I have often felt but never articulated as Freire did.  Now on to chapter 3 and beyond.  I'm excited to find a bit more time to learn more about problem posing education and how Freire thinks in relationship to other topics.

Overall a good read.