Pedagogy of the Oppressed note


by Nalin Tutiyaphu... -

It's not an easy reading book for me but this book kept me going on and on, I can't stop reading this.

"To achieve this praxis, however, it is necessary to trust in the oppressed and in their ability to reason. Whoever lacks this trust will fail to initiate (or will abandon) dialogue, reflection and communication, and will fall into using slogans, communiques, nomologues, and instrucionis. superficial conversions to the cause of liberation carry this danger."

to let my student make, learn and explore in whatever that interest them .. really need a huge energy to both trust in them for all the steps, ups and downs throughout the processes and also bigger one to trust in ourselves
that we will be able to give them support to our best, for whatever happen in the process.

Trust will give the students the space to explore and to try things and build up 'confidence' in themselves and until one day, they will take off to be independent learner. Learning is so organic and it takes different people different timing.

This doesn't seem to be doable in rigid regular structure of classroom or school at all, at least in Thailand, but this actually made us rethink of ..what the school in the 21st century should be like instead of just being content feeder and certificates publishing.




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