Nerdy Derby Racing for Thai Teachers in Bangkok EDUCA 2014


by Nalin Tutiyaphu... -

35 teacher participants enjoyed learning by doing experience with Nerdy Derby Racing in the biggest Education Expo in Bangkok, Thailand.
This expo is an annual expo on education that provided workshops and seminars for teachers from all schools throughout Thailand.

Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) provided a 3 hours workshop in this event. The workshop aimed to give the teachers direct learning experience as a learner to teachers who are interested about learning by doing and Constructionism. Teacher participants got to make a fastest small car that would run on the special designed track. The workshop has provided the time for teachers to experience learning by doing, working in team, testing their cars and bringing the best performance car to the final racing competition.

At the end, teachers reflected about their learning experiences as a learner themselves and shared ideas of what are they going to do in their classroom. Thanks to the original idea from New York, Jaymes Dec and his friend, that spread the fun learning experiences all the way to Bangkok, Thailand.

Video clip