Leadership in Constructionist Learning. (from Constructionism 2014)


by Nalin Tutiyaphu... -


The video clip that we presented in Constructionism 2014 in Vienna. Our CEO of the education and learning development in Thailand, Mr. Paron Israsene, shared his learning point from being top leadership of the project since 1997. The project in Thailand in the early stage called the Lighthouse Project which evolved to be the Candlelight Project later onin 2013 with Stanford University. This project focused in implementing Constructionism Learning  into real life learning for Thai schools, in human resources development of many industries and rural communities development. 

I like the ending part ' the school grows into it.'  It takes time, persistence, continuous support to transform an institution or even a person. 




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Nalin, Thank you for this post. I agree that the last line is the most encouraging. We are just beginning to have these conversations at my school, schoolwide, not just in the maker ed program. Good teaching/learning should be done in all areas of the school and I love how our work is helping to facilitate this shift from teacher centered to student centered curriculum choice. I find it to be a most challenging converstaion in science, when there is such a deep emphasis on facts and content. I am looking forward to more on this subject.