I made Brogan's Box


by Heather Pang -

I finally got around to making Brogan's cool box. And I got it together only braking one bit.

The first picture shows the box starting to go together.


The second photo shows the clip piece, and my one hint is to squeeze the sides before tying to put them into the assembly.

The final photo shows the completed box.

Amazing design Brogan!



Heather Pang's picture

Glad to be able to post more than one image, but still working on the format. The top image was the first one I uploaded, and it seems to default to the top spot. Then I was able to insert the other two in the text.

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This is awesome Heather!

1. Do you see this actually having utility in your lab?

2. Any feedback?


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No sure if it will be useful. We store things in boxes that are made of see-through plastic, which means students don't have to open them to see what is inside. But I might make a few more and see if it is worth it to have them stack and cary. Might be more useful if we get a moble cart from the lab going.  And it was great fun to make, people kept walking past and asking what that terribly complicated design was for!