FabLearn Not Quite End of Year Posts


by Sylvia Martinez -


The past few weeks on the FabLearn blog have been really spectacular - interesting, informative, and inspiring!

I was going to do a roundup of posts -- but there are just too many, so let's get some action going on commenting and sharing out. This is a week many educators are off of work, sometimes that means they drop all social media, but for others, it's a chance to catch up!

Here's a list of social media:

  • Twitter (use the hashtag #fablearn and/or #makered) - tweet about these great posts and retweet (RT) others.
  • Facebook - just add the link to your blog and Facebook will pull a graphic and a few lines from the post. Just make sure it's the actual post URL, not the top level page of the site.
  • Facebook groups - there is a FabLearn group and a Fab Education group that anyone can post to. Other groups called I am a Maker (which seems to be mostly teachers posting) and a Makerspaces and the Participatory Library group are places that some posts would find a home.
  • Google Plus community for Maker Ed Foundation has a small community and a place for posting

Post your own posts, your comments on other posts, etc.! Don't worry about posting too much, but maybe stagger things out a bit. One post a day, at different times of day, etc. There is enough good stuff here to keep a lot of conversation going!

And Happy New Year to everyone!