FabLearn 2014 Social Media Tips and Tricks


by Sylvia Martinez -

Hi all,

Paulo gave me the tile of "Social Media Director" for the FabLearn conference this year, so, dear Fellows - you are all on the team too!

Let's make sure every maker-educator, researcher, and maker proponent know about this fabulous conference. Here's some suggestions below. I'll remind you a few times this month and next - we want this to be the MUST ATTEND event of the maker-ed calendar.

And yes, even if you can't attend (sadly, I know) you can still help. YOU have connections to others that no one else has. The networking capacity of this group is truly unlimited.

1. Twitter. Post early and often. On Twitter, it's cool to repeat yourself. If you have a slick tool like Hootsuite, just set it up to post a couple of these announcements for the future. 

  • Use hashtags - not just #makered, but also any groups you belong to, like #txedchat or your "twitter tribe" like #geniushour or #sschat or #edchat. We'll also be using the hashtag #fablearn for the conference so we might as well start using it now. Fill up your 140 characters with any hashtag that fits.
  • Use the URL http://fablearn.stanford.edu/2014/registration (this will be shortened by twitter)
  • Studies show that asking for retweets actually works! If you make your tweet less than 120 characters, it will retweet nicely.


Register now for making, fabrication, and creativity in the classroom conference - #FabLearn 2014 http://ow.ly/Bb3d3 

Passionate about creativity and fabrication in the classroom? Come to #FabLearn 2014 http://ow.ly/Bb3d3 Please RT.

Learn about the latest research support for authentic, creative classrooms! Register now #FabLearn 2014 http://ow.ly/Bb3d3 

I'm going to #FabLearn 2014 in October! Join me. http://fablearn.stanford.edu/2014/registration

2. Facebook. You can post this with the link. If you want, change your privacy settings to "public" just for this post and you'll get more reach. On Facebook, it's best to get personal - share a story (1-2 sentences) about the conference if you can, and why you care... for example:

  • I recommend all my educator friends interested in authentic, creative, hands-on learning attend this conference in October. The FabLearn 2014 conference is on the Stanford campus and it's an intimate event focused on making schools better places for kids. (be sure to add the link http://fablearn.stanford.edu/2014/registration)
  • Last year I attended this conference and it was great! (add reason why)...
  • I wish I was going to this conference, (add your thoughts why)...

If you are in any education related groups, post there too.

3. Real life - tell your friends and colleagues what an awesome event this is. If you belong to any email listserves, send an email there too.

4. Blog - if you have a blog, post there! You can copy mine if you want. http://sylviamartinez.com/fablearn-2014-registration-now-open/