Dialogic: Education for the Internet Age


by Susanna Tesconi -

I have just started Dialogic: Education for the Internet Age by Rupert Wegerif, Professor of Education and Director of Research at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, UK.

The author analyzes how  the use of the Internet disrupts the traditional logic of print-based education by offering an experience of knowledge as participatory and multiple. Before mass print-based education, culture everywhere was largely oral and thinking was mostly understood in terms of dialogues. "The Internet continues to support print-based ways of thinking, but it locates this kind of thinking more clearly  than before in a larger context, the context of the long-term living dialogue of humanity."[1] So  the logic of education in the Internet age has to be dialogic and define education as learning to learn, think and thrive in the context of working with multiple perspectives and ultimate uncertainty. 

[1] Wegerif, Rupert. Dialogic: Education for the internet age. Routledge, 2013.