Constructionism 2014


by Sylvia Martinez -

Hi all,

I just left Vienna after the very successful Constructionism 2014 conference. There were a few hundred educators and researchers from around the world talking about Constructionism, programming, and making. Up until a few years ago, the conference had been called the Eurologo conference, but they changed it to reflect a wider range of how constructionist ideas could be implemented. It was really amazing to hear how people are using all kinds of programming languages to teach students. There were a lot of Scratch sessions, but also some interesting variations of Logo for special purposes - network analysis, Snap!, 3D logo, and more.

But the biggest applause was for the session from Thailand featuring our own FabLearn Fellow Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert who delivered a really inspiring session about what is happening in the Thai constructionist community. She was one of 17 members of the Thai delegation, by far the largest cohort there. In fact, the planning committee members were so impressed by their presentation that they unanimously voted to hold the next conference, Constructionism 2016 in Thailand. (it's held every two years)

There is a YouTube channel with some of the plenary sessions (more may still be added)  -


Constructionism in Thailand and its Transformative Effect on the Lifelong Learning Process

This is Our Moment - Gary Stager

Give P's a chance: Projects, Peers, Passion, Play - Mitchell Resnick

And if you really want something to think about, watch this one ... (plus IF YOU TEACH PHYSICS.... at least watch the first 7 minutes... (but the rest is great too))

Deconstructionism in Education - A Personal Wandering Towards Constructionism - Pavel Boytchev