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LogoEditor! An Online Text Editor for the LogoTurtle Robot with James Salvatore


by Susan Klimczak -

For the past several years, many of us in the maker education community have been working on developing a new LogoTurtle Robot (with Josh Burker and Erik Nauman leading the way) to honor Seymour Papert. 

"Logo Turtle with Seymour Papert Lego MiniFig" kindness of Christopher Sweeney


What do people learn from using digital fabrication tools?


by Erin Riley -

In response to the question of what one actually learns from 3D printing, I thought more deeply about the work we do in our school. While I know conceiving an idea and shepherding it into a tangible form is significant, it is important to be able to articulate its value within an educational setting. It’s also important to reveal the many stages in digital fabrication, especially illuminating the often hidden design process where much of the learning takes place.

OpenSCAD in a classroom


by Mario Parade -

In the last school year, I initiated the 3D print workshop at the Montessori School in Potsdam. One of the common problems is which method can be used in the classroom to create 3D objects. In the subsequent 3d-print there are several good open source programs in which the print can be prepared. We use some Ultimaker² 3D printers in combination with the control program Cura (It is available for all popular platforms and relatively simple to set up). That should not be a problem.

collaborative work in the classroom with etherpad


by Mario Parade -

First the good news, I am now a teacher and expert at the Montessori School Potsdam. After a year of testing, I am now responsible for the digital technologies at this school next to my work in the FabLab.

In several courses, I made an introduction for students and course teachers in some tools (which we use) for collaborative documentation and their use in the classroom. One example is Etherpad. I started using this software sevral years ago in my own project-groups . This software is open source and can be installed as a server on almost any hardware.

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